Pour Vous,

A creative shop, an alternative concept, plural design.

From furniture to jewelery, from decoration to everyday accessories, from fashionable stationery … we create For You, an aesthetic, ingenious and practical universe, through an atypical selection of quality creations, to meet all your desires .

In the heart of Hyères, in the Var, the concept store is as much a place to discover local, French and European designers, as a space of exchanges and advices to help you create the interior atmospheres of your dreams.



Above all, we are passionate about design and its transversal approaches to form, space and use. This plural passion first gathered during our studies before joining us in this project …

Complementary, our associated sensibilities allow us to have a complete look at the creation, the layout, the object, the decoration. Florian is passionate about space, form and matter; Laetitia, she likes to explore the graphics, the image, the colors. Our experiences in photography and graphic design for Lætitia, object design and lighting design for Florian, allowed us to develop our looks, our practices and above all, our ambitions.

Bold, we wanted to build a project that would look like us, that would respond to our vision of design, echo our aspirations both aesthetic and functional and would allow us to honor our native region, the Var, its creators, its artisans , to his artists.