Who are we ?

Above all, we are passionate about design and its transversal approaches to form, space and use. This plural passion first gathered during our studies before joining us in this project …

Complementary, our associated sensibilities allow us to have a complete look at the creation, the layout, the object, the decoration. Florian is passionate about space, form and matter; Laetitia, she likes to explore the graphics, the image, the colors. Our experiences in photography and graphic design for Lætitia, object design and lighting design for Florian, allowed us to develop our looks, our practices and above all, our ambitions.

Bold, we wanted to build a project that would look like us, that would respond to our vision of design, echo our aspirations both aesthetic and functional and would allow us to honor our native region, the Var, its creators, its artisans , to his artists.

For You Concept Store, it is the realization of our dreams and the practice of our values: to meet all your expectations, we carefully select unique pieces, elegant, practical and often customizable. We pay particular attention to the process of creation from which they result, to the aesthetic worlds in which they are anchored, to the quality of the materials, but also to the reflection on the uses and the responsible approach of the designers.

More than a shop, Pour Vous Concept Store is also an office of advice in decoration and interior design. Putting doubly our expertise at the service of your projects, we strive to respond with finesse to your requirements, your needs, your desires and your means, to give life to interior spaces that look like you.

Pour Vous, more than a shop

Did you say design ?

Meaning both design and design, the term design describes products designed, designed and designed to meet specific objectives: the design confers form and meaning to objects or spaces, expressing through them a vision of things, a look on the world. Thus, through the pieces of furniture, decorative objects and everyday utensils, a reflection on the function, the use, the aesthetics and the process of production converge.


From the drawing of the object to its end use, each piece of For you to something to tell: to share their stories, their anecdotes, is to create meaning, to put the human in the center of the project, to re-enchant the relationship between user and object …